Breast Cyst

The cysts which are observed to be formed inside breasts are known as breast cysts and these may originate in one or more in number. These look like sacs or pouches, filled with fluids, gaseous materials and sometimes semi solid particles. Inside the breast tissue membrane, these formations could be seen along with their walls. The breast cysts are found to be round and oval in shape, they are filled with fluid and may be as small as grapes or much bigger and seem as lumps with distinctive edges. In some situations a breast cyst feels firm on touch.

Cysts in breasts are normally benign (not harmful) in nature and are observed in women in the age group of thirty to forty years, and normally appear in women with premenopausal symptoms. Generally these cysts vanish after menopause although in some cases they may remain or may return while taking hormone therapy. During pregnancy or a fortnight before menstrual period, swelling could be felt along with pain.

Breast Cysts Symptoms:

Breast tenderness with pain along with lump formation before period, soft movable breast lump with particular edges, and right after the period if the tenderness and lump get reduced, then a person could be suspected with having breast cysts. Sometimes breast lumps can not be felt in observation only but by touching or pressing them with some periodic check. With discomfort feeling, if there is also some heaviness in breast then the person is recommended to diagnose thoroughly, otherwise later it may result in breast cancer.

Breast Cysts Treatments:

Normally breast cysts are not malignant in all cases but in cases with increased pain, it may require special diagnosis. These types of cysts may be caused by the enlargement of the milk glands and the size differs, ranging from small to big. In physical examination small cysts are not prominently felt whereas big ones leave the feeling of lumps. In the cases where fluid discharge with alleviation and feeling of discomfort persist, then proper diagnosis with ultrasound and mammogram is required. Other than this, aspiration could be recommended for the diagnosis.

Mammogram can give a clear picture of the condition of breast cysts, but ultrasound gives more accurate result, with up to 90 – 100 percent cases providing a prominent vision of whether the cysts are malignant (harmful, may cause cancer) or benign (harmless does not expand roots).There are two types of mammograms that are available in medical labs, screening mammogram and diagnostic mammogram. When patients do not feel the symptoms clearly, screening mammogram is recommended to get the clear picture of the breast glands from inside, while a patient with some prominent symptoms is recommended diagnosing mammogram. A patient with complex symptoms is advised for thorough check up or biopsy wherein needle aspiration is used to get the exact diagnosis.

Natural Treatment:

Breast cysts are mainly caused by hormonal imbalance and Wild Yam is enormously effective as a remedy. This helps to avoid and resolves cystic formation in breasts, and in advance stage provides nutritional support to fibroids and breast cancer. The addition of HEMP OIL into the diet can help to reduce the formation of cysts and this is beneficial for other natural treatment for tumour growth, depression, fatigue etc.

Practicing Yoga and eating a balanced diet included with lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables reduce the probability of cystic formation. Many women from different countries have affirmed that reducing the caffeine and chocolate intake helped in preventing aggravated symptoms for cysts. In addition to this, it is observed that in the cases of some women after doing vigorous activity the breast pain is increased, if they have cysts. A properly fitted sports bra is recommended for them. It helps to compress breast tissue. Some women having  breast cysts said that they felt comfort if they did not wear bra.

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