How to Have Attractive Lips Naturally

Lips are one of the most strikingly beautiful elements of your facial features, so it is absolutely necessary to take care of your lips to retain that beauty- and no amount of drugs, medicines or cosmetics can work as many natural remedies do. It is a known fact that nature has its own tips and remedies that can work wonders for you, your health and also for your beautification.

Pink or reddish lips are sign of healthy and beautiful and attractive lips. Nowadays every woman enhances her lips with the use of different cosmetics essentially lipstick, lip-gloss, balms etc. Much use of cosmetic products is a strict no-no as they contain certain amount of chemicals, though at present there are several herbal based lipsticks available. However it is suggested that not too much cosmetic or lipstick should not be applied and if applied it must be completely removed and the lips must be cleansed and nourished. To look beautiful you must maintain a healthy life and diet. Have lots of water, fresh green vegetables and fruits.

Some natural remedies can be followed which are readily available at every home to keep those beautiful lips shining and healthy:-

  • Cure for dry lips- saliva makes your lips even drier so avoid licking lips instead apply generous amount of Vaseline and crushed sugar or a mixture of almond oil and honey regularly, especially before going to bed. This makes the lips very soft and prevents them from drying and flaking.
  • Lipstick with a dry base is applied on your lips with an herbal lip balm or lip gloss.
  • Dark lips- There maybe 3 causes of darkening of lips
    • Smoking- smoking should be avoided and to get back the natural color of your lips, apply glycerin and lemon juice regularly to get results.
    •  Uses of lipstick- firstly change the brand of lipstick you use. Secondly avoid using lipstick for some time. You can apply toothpaste on your lips and leave it on for 10mins before you wash off. That can help lighten the tone to a certain extent.
    • Biological cause- You should have proper intake of water and vegetables and if you still find your lips are getting darker it may be due to some internal problems. Consult your physician and get yourself treated.
  • Pale lips- ginger juice mixed with egg yolk are a good remedy to treat pale lips.
  • To keep your lips supple and red apply tomato slices. Rub gently for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Make a paste of two tea spoon of coco butter and half tea spoon of heated wax, after the mixture cools down apply on the lips very softly and leave it for the entire night. If this is followed regularly you can have healthy pink lips.
  • Losing the natural color of your lips? Don’t worry. Apply a mixture of white butter and saffron. It can do wonders in regaining the color of your lips.
  • Crush some rose petals and add a tint of ghee to it, this can make your lips pink and glowing. You will love the lingering aroma too!
  • If you find your lips are drying, keep a lip balm or gel. It will be handy. Apply it at regular intervals to avoid chapped lips.
  • Even if you already have luscious pink lips you should always take out time to exfoliate and moisturize them. Nothing can be better than night massage! On a regular basis massage your lips with almond oil and honey or even try out olive oil and Vaseline- this will guarantee that your lips stay healthy and it will add a dash of pink to it as well.
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